Thursday, January 22, 2015

We've Launched our Public Beta!

We are proud to announce our official public beta launch, allowing passionate small business owners to register their company and experience a new and smart way of managing daily workflow. We’ve left the safe zone of private beta testing and stepped into the thrilling waters of public beta. We’ve made one big step towards our vision to streamline and connect business management processes. It’s a pretty surreal experience for us to see Velox finally come together after being in the dev labs for over a year.

So what does this mean?

In case you are not familiar with the term ‘beta’, it essentially means we are still testing our product and have not yet reached the final release stage. During private beta, we collected a great deal of feedback from our users; It helped us find bugs, inconsistencies and other issues, which we addressed before releasing Velox to a larger audience. We are grateful to our private beta testers and their invaluable input.
We believe Velox is now ready to be tested by larger audience. It is available for anyone searching for ways to get work organized and done consuming less time and effort. Take Velox for a spin, register your company for free. We’ll continue working on improving your experience with Velox and adding new features, and would love to hear your feedback while you are “trying it on” for your business. Send us an email at with a suggestion or issue we need to address.
To express our gratitude and appreciate all our beta testers, we have a special offer to register first five users absolutely free. C’mon, give it a try and see the value for yourself. When you join the Velox family, you’ll join already successful companies like Alert-Tech Systems, Inc., a regional security systems company who’ve been managing their daily workflow on Velox platform for almost a year now.

Share your experience!

Already enjoy using Velox or know someone who needs help managing business workflow, share your experience with those people, we’d really appreciate it!

--Your Velox Team

Thursday, January 15, 2015

How to Manage Daily Activities for Your Business?

A typical day for any business owner starts with a growing list of tasks and to dos that can easily swallow you up if not managed right. You need an efficient solution to distribute tasks among your employees and stay informed of activities progress. Velox Activities do that and much more, helping your team accomplish more with less effort.

Simply create a new activity under company workflow, add description, assign task to a team member or yourself, set activity date and time, hit save, and voila! Your activity is created and posted to the team member's calendar who gets a notification of the event. Velox lets you create custom activity types and select a type from a default list--all on the same page. For example, create a custom activity type "Order Parts" for manager over your Inventory department to order parts you are running low. Reference your activity to a specific Sales Lead, Work Order, Estimate, or Customer by selecting one from the drop down menu. You can also add a note or comment to your activity. By adding a due date and/or reminder, you are stressing the importance on the activity time frames. If passed the deadline, Velox will mark it as past due. Your home screen will show all your Current, Overdue, Upcoming, and Following activities. Switch from "Mine" to "All" view to assess performance of your team and address weak points, redirect activities to achieve better results. This pack of features is accessible on both mobile and web, allowing you to manage your team from anywhere like a pro!

Creating and managing activities is simple and straightforward with Velox. You don't deal with a dizzying array of selections, only what's important. We hope this will help your team stay organized, be more productive, and get work done!

Friday, January 9, 2015

New Year Resolution for Your Business is Here: Meet Velox—New Way to Manage your Business!

As a small business owner, you are likely more excited about your service or product than managing daily business workflow like producing and managing schedules, tracking employee time, filing critical documents, the list of tasks can go on. These daily challenges affect your efficiency and can detriment your business goals. You need help streamline these processes so you can focus on what matters most. Current CRM’s that offer workflow management solutions are either too complicated or want to charge you “an arm and a leg”, and don’t offer a connected experience. So, where is the solution?

Velox Workflow Management

It’s here, meet Velox—a new and smart solution for small business owners to manage daily workflow fast, easy, and efficiently, allowing to focus on business strategy and growth. Velox changes your perception on business management: it’s paperless, it’s online, it’s easy, and affordable. Velox saves your business time and money, by automating tasks, reducing the amount of paper you use, by streamlining key business processes, and helping you find inefficiencies of your business through custom reports. Velox helps increase your team’s productivity, reduces human errors, and eliminates majority of tedious manual tasks. Try Velox for yourself to see the advantages, go to to register your company, then download the free app, and start managing your business! Velox is available for Android users for now. Go to Google Play Store to download the app.

Managing your business can and should be a happy experience!