Friday, January 9, 2015

New Year Resolution for Your Business is Here: Meet Velox—New Way to Manage your Business!

As a small business owner, you are likely more excited about your service or product than managing daily business workflow like producing and managing schedules, tracking employee time, filing critical documents, the list of tasks can go on. These daily challenges affect your efficiency and can detriment your business goals. You need help streamline these processes so you can focus on what matters most. Current CRM’s that offer workflow management solutions are either too complicated or want to charge you “an arm and a leg”, and don’t offer a connected experience. So, where is the solution?

Velox Workflow Management

It’s here, meet Velox—a new and smart solution for small business owners to manage daily workflow fast, easy, and efficiently, allowing to focus on business strategy and growth. Velox changes your perception on business management: it’s paperless, it’s online, it’s easy, and affordable. Velox saves your business time and money, by automating tasks, reducing the amount of paper you use, by streamlining key business processes, and helping you find inefficiencies of your business through custom reports. Velox helps increase your team’s productivity, reduces human errors, and eliminates majority of tedious manual tasks. Try Velox for yourself to see the advantages, go to to register your company, then download the free app, and start managing your business! Velox is available for Android users for now. Go to Google Play Store to download the app.

Managing your business can and should be a happy experience!